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One on One- Personal Growth Session

One on One- Personal Growth Session

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Having some difficulty processing through an area of struggle or frustration?

Maybe you're feeling stuck and you're not sure how to get breakthrough in an area of your life.

I'm here to help you get from where you are right now, in this moment, to where you want to be. Sometimes we just need someone to come along side us that has already been where we want to go and can help guide us into our destiny.

With the power of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, and discernment we will map out your next step together. 

This One on One Coaching Call will be recorded and afterwards I will email you the steps we discuss that will lead to personal growth. 

Who is this for?

Any woman who feels stuck in an area of life and needs wisdom, and coaching to help her know how to move forward. 

What areas of life do you address?

Most any area including Motherhood, Marriage, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, etc. 

Who will the call be with?

Sara Chambers, owner and founder of The Freedom Company.

Sara Chambers started The Freedom Company (formerly Blue Eyed Baby Couture) in 2015. She has spent the last 18 years of her life in ministry and has sought to lay her life down for the Gospel. She is a prophetic worship leader, missionary, entrepreneur, Christian growth consultant, and most importantly- Daughter of God. She has a degree in Business from Oral Roberts University and currently resides in Flint, MI where she lives with her husband Daniel and her 2 children.
Follow Sara on IG @saraelisachambers.


How do I sign up for a time?

After you purchase your Personal Growth Session, you will be emailed a link within 12 hrs for you to sign up for a time slot.

Please email us at Sara@thefreedomcompany.us with any questions!