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Headband Testimonials

I absolutely love my headwraps!!! I suffer from migraines so wearing headbands has never been a possibility, but these wraps have never once cause me pain. I got one for myself and one for each of my three girls and we all love them. They can be wrapped all different kinds of ways for different looks. And the material is so so soft. The fabrics are all so pretty. I can’t say enough good about them.

Shell Marshall

I had never been able to wear headbands before. I have a small, strange shaped head, things pop off the back. So i started with just this one to try it out, see if it might work. WOW. The design is perfect. With the tie at the neck, the headband stays all day. You can tighten it if you need to, and there is no head or neck strain. These things are genius. I have gone on to order tons more. And the fabrics and colors offer so much choice. I'll never try another headband again!

Katie Page

The headbands from The Freedom Company are the only ones I've found so far that do not give me headaches/nausea! I am prone to vertigo, so having a stylish headband that barely feels like it's there is a must! I have purchased 3 headbands from this shop.

Jordan Yaworski

Anyone have the issue of a headband sling shoting off their head?? The struggle is real. I got this headband and it's so cute, versatile and comfortable. The best part is it doesn't sling shot off with my short hair!! Can't wait to wear it more. Thanks so much for your beautiful work!!

Amanda Hersey

The owner is so kind and makes sure her costumers are pleased with their order, never disappoints. It's my third time purchasing and I won't stop here!

Nhung Tran

True to their word....no headaches! Comfortable, soft, fabulous colors and patterns! I've been waiting for a headband like this for years! LOVE THEM! Thank you.

April Goodger

I love these headbands! There are so comfortable. You tie them so they fit your head shape. They stay in place and make my nonshampoo days still look cute!

Elizabeth Kelly

Love that these headbands are not sewn closed so that you can wear them several ways and tighten it to the size of your head. So many options and I LOVE the vegan leather ones! Ordered the olive one and my sister has now claimed it... So I had to replace it. Excited for the tan one coming my way! You ladies are also personable and willing to reach out to your customers!

Kat Kelly

I ordered some for my daughters' some time ago and they were very cute and they loved them. However, I’m always hesitant about buying headbands for myself now because no matter how many headbands I tried they would always end up giving me a headache after an hour or so. I wore the one I bought from this shop ALL DAY.. headache free! It’s since become my favorite because, as a mom of three, I never have much time to do anything with my hair. These are so cute and super comfy!

Jessica Haskell


We live in rest & we surrender to our process.

We step into our destiny and then release others into their's!


You don't Mom like the world does!

When you start to feel guilt and condemnation, you ask the Father what He thinks, what He wants, and how He feels and then you do what He says, not what others think you should do.

You Mom SO Free that you are changing the world from your living room, the playground, and from your own heart of worship. 

You Mom from the place of knowing who you are and Whose you are. This is what you bring to your kids and you're creating a Kingdom culture of freedom for generations of mothers and fathers to come.

You are a mom of purpose, of identity, of freedom, of the Kingdom and you are FREE to parent like God parents you!

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"I only do the works that I see the Father doing, for the Son does the same works as his Father." John 5:19 TPT

When we follow Jesus' example to follow the Father, we step into our inheritance and access all that is ours! Right now Jesus and the Father are ruling and reigning over the Kingdom with authority and power. They sit in rest, love, and the fellowship of the Beloved and the Bride of Christ. When we do what they do, we step into maturity and the fullness of what we were given through the cross!

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You are the master Gardener, God! You know exactly what my heart needs to grow. You know when to send the cold winter winds of trial and the warm spring breezes of refreshing and blessing. You know the right mix to make my heart grow and I give you my trust. You uproot the weeds and you plant the truth. You catch the little foxes that spoil the vine and you come and walk with me in the garden of my heart until we are one!

"Spare nothing as you make me your fruitful garden. Hold nothing back until I release your fragrance... " Song of Songs 4:16 TPT

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Women of light who know where our identity lies.

Daughters of destiny crowned with lovingkindness (Ps. 103:4)

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